Do not sell your future at the price of a party T-shirt, says  presidential aspirant Tobias

Milward Tobias is a Malawian presidential aspirant

Presidential aspirant Milward Tobias says the 2025 tripartite election is a system election such that Malawians should not sell their soul , future and dignity at a price of a party t-shirt and money.

According to Tobias, people should choose a president who will unite the nation, develop the country equitably, and run government with integrity.

In a statement that has been made available to this publication, Tobias who is under Mzika Coalition branding said that running  government requires fostering equity in access to public services and economic opportunities such as jobs and business in government and providing a favourable  environment for a public servant to work professionally without political interference.

He added that being a person who has a served in public service, and having had the opportunity to be part of the team that interacted with the government in its totality from ministries, departments and local council to parastatals, he understands how the government is organized.

He has asked Malawians to start making serous decisions and know that the consequences, either good or bad, last a minimum of five years.

“The presidency is a serious job because one person carries the hope of the nation. It is not for internship so let us avoid another try and error candidate. I have proven record  of integrity. I am the real choice in 2025 presidential elections.

“I, Milward Tobias , under the branding of Mzika Coalition, appeal to you take an honest reflection of a Malawi that is , versus a Malawi that should be. I have offered myself at your service, to lead the ending of the 31 years of Mafia politics and to launch the beginning of political leadership founded on principles of integrity, competence and service,” he said.

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