Ministry of Education says there is need to for Malawi to embrace artificial intelligence

Ministry of Education says there is need to blend modern technologies in order to secure jobs

Ministry of Education says there is need to embrace Artificial Intelligence systems among Malawians in order to avoid issues such as loss of human capital opportunities due to emerging modern technology advancement.

These remarks were made by Director of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Ministry of Education, Professor Chomora Mikeka, during the opening of a one-day United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on the Implementation of Recommendation on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Malawi.

Mikeka said AI is crucial in the implementation and realization of the Malawi 2063 vision.

“Due to emergence of Artificial Intelligence, people have lost their jobs, and as a nation we need to blend in modern technologies so that we should not lose jobs but should be acting as supervisors towards Artificial Intelligence,” he said.

In his remarks, Mike Kachedwa who was representing the Director General of National Commission for Science And Technology (NCST), indicated that in order to serve Malawians and safeguard human rights in the country, the commission will ensure that ethics which will be introduced will be for the best interest of Malawians.

On the other hand, Acting Deputy Executive Secretary for Malawi National Commission for UNESCO, David Mulera, highlighted that the meeting was among others focusing on how AI can be applied in areas of governance, infrastructure, health and more.