Karonga South constituents want former DPP MP Chembe Munthali back

Karonga South constituents want former DPP MP Chembe Munthali back

Hundreds of Karonga South constituents on Saturday stormed the premises of the former legislator of the area, Glad Chembe Munthali, pleading with him to represent them, saying they are not happy with their current legislator Uchizi Mkandawire.

Speaking in an interview with this publication in a random interview, the constituents who claimed to have used their own transport to meet with Munthali said his departure as a Member of Parliament (MP), the area is almost dead.

According to them, Munthali who was their MP from 2009 to 2014 under Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) represented the constituency better than others MPs.

“Munthali put this constituency on the map and a number of development projects occurred during his era. Unlike after him, people we have been voting for are selfish. That’s why we need him back,” they disclosed.

They added that: “If Munthali was an MP today, the problems we are facing would not have been there. He always stayed with us here in the community and felt the pain we are facing. We believe he will tell the August House the exact things we are facing.”

While thanking the constituents especially for giving him a distinction on the positive things he did to the area during his tenure, Munthali kept his decision to his chest.

“I’m really shocked with the development. I was not expecting that and I don’t take it for granted. However, I will need to sit down and think over again on their request,” he said.

Munthali who was appointed Malawian ambassador to the Republic of Tanzania during Peter Mutharika administration vehemently denied to disclose the name of the party he will work with if he decided to join the 2025 election race despite saying that his blood is still DPP.

“I always respect the people’s demand. But to be honest with you, my blood is still DPP and I always think of DPP because it is the party raised my political bar.  However, on this issue, these people are the ones who want me back and will be the one who will tell me which party to work with,” he added.

Currently, the area is under the Minister of Sports, Uchizi Mkandawire, who is a senior member of the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP).