Destiny College graduates urged to be job creators

Graduation in Balaka

Bishop Andrew Mankhanamba, Principal for  Destiny College of Leadership and Development Studies in Blaaka, has highlighted on the need for graduates at the college to be job creators rather than job seekers.

The college in partnership with Springdale College-United Kingdom and Gull university-California on Saturday awarded Diplomas in Leadership and Development studies to 135 graduates with a call for them to be innovative and embrace mindset change.

Mankhanamba said: ”Time has come for you to embark on a new journey where you should be innovators and agents of change in your communities,”

“Today, you receive your papers, but I urge you to use what is in your brain to transform your communities and your country as a whole.”

He added: “You have laboured in your studies but what is remaining is for you to labour in transformation.”

In his remarks, Director for International Christian Youth-ICY Africa, Dr. Joe Bonga said this is the time to impart the youths with the right leadership and decision-making skills if Africa is to achieve the sustainable Development Goals – SDG’s.

”Young people are important for leadership because they make up a majority of the African population such that there is nothing we cannot accomplish without young people,” said Bonga.

Yvonne Anabell Mtakulamusi, a representative of the graduating students, said she is now geared to go flat-out and contribute positively to her communities through creation of various life supporting interventions.

Destiny college of leadership has also divulged of plans to start offering technical skills programmes.