Malawi needs to embrace new system of government — political expert


A political expert in the country says Malawi should consider federal system of government because under the current system Malawi has failed to achieve socioeconomic development.

This comes amidst calls for the country to consider adopting federal system of government.

A grouping called Federalism Institute has been asking government to consider Federal system of government arguing that the unitary system of government has not done much in developing the country.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 regarding the matter, Wonderful Mkhutche, a political analyst, said the federal system of government may be an option now but those calling for the system must provide proper details on how the system can solve challenges which the country is currently facing.

“Considering the current political crisis, federal system of government should be an option. We need to try new things. There is potential for socioeconomic growth in this country. But some of this is not being achieved due to our obsession with running this country from the central government.

“However, every system has the capacity to improve living standards and uphold personal freedoms, including federalism. Therefore those calling for federalism are justified to this extent but they must be more clear on how the system can work for this country,” highlighted Mkhutche.

Commenting on the suggestions by some quarters that the country should hold an emergency election as the current regime has failed Malawians, Mkhutche said an emergency election will not change anything.

“There is no need for an emergency election. Even if we hold it, the ones who will contest are the same failed leaders,” he said.

Mkhutche has, however, urged Malawians to wait for the 2025 elections even though the elections do not promise any better future for the country.

Earlier this year, the Federalism Institute wrote to President Lazarus Chakwera requesting for a referendum so that Malawians choose the system of government they want.