Chakwera meets Chinese president at BRICS summit

Lazarus Chakwera Malawi

President Lazarus Chakwera on Thursday held bilateral talks with Chinese president Xi Jinping at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

During the meeting, the president thanked his Chinese counterpart for China’s continued support to Malawi in the areas of infrastructure development, education and telecommunications.

Chinese president Xi Jinping thanked Dr Chakwera for Malawi’s support for one China Policy and also advocating for economic development for least developed nations.

Speaking during his address at the BRICS dialogue between BRICS member states and invited countries, Chakwera said the grouping has the potential to champion economic development for the countries of the south also referred to as global South.

He said global financial and institutional systems have failed to respond to the needs of countries such as Malawi speedily and fairly.

However, he said in spite of challenge, the countries in the global South, have the resources needed to improve the livelihoods of their people.

“The countries gathered here account for almost half of the global natural resources the world needs for creation of digital and green economies ,” he said.

He added that for this pursuit to be successful, there is need to enhance institutions such as Forum for China Africa Trade (FOCAC) and Africa Free Trade Area among others, to facilitate development for these countries.

Chakwera was invited to attend the Summit by South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa and has since rendered Malawi’s support to the aspirations of BRICS.

Reported by Manasse Nyirenda in Johannesburg, South Africa