Aircraft crashes in Lilongwe

Malawi plane crash

A small plane with two people on board has crashed at a village near Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe.

The people on the plane were an instructor and a student pilot.

They managed to get out of the plane without injuries and were taken to hospital for checkup.

Acting director of Civil Aviation, Samuel Kalua, has told the local media that the crash happened due to engine failure shortly after the plane took off.

“About 14 minutes after takeoff, the pilot informed the air traffic controller at the airport that they had an emergency and requested for immediate landing which was granted; however, we learnt a few minutes later that the aircraft had crashed,” he said.

Kalua further said that plane crashed about 1.2 kilometers from the runway.

The aircraft registration number 7Q-SFC belongs to East Rise Academy, a pilot training institution based at Kamuzu International Airport.