Susu sentenced to 12 months in prison


…paid K16 million for compensation

Lu Ke commonly known as Susu, who was arrested for exploiting Malawian children by featuring them in videos in which they chanted “I am a black monster and my IQ is low”, has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and has been ordered to leave Malawi within seven days.

Last year BBC Africa Eye investigation revealed that Susu was exploiting children by telling them to appear in his videos, including one in which the children chanted “I am a black monster and my IQ is low.”

Today, Susu appeared before court where Principal Resident Magistrate Rodrick Michongwe convicted and sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment on the offence of procuring children to take part in entertainment and racially exploiting them.

However, the convict is expected to be discharged because he has been in custody for past 12 months since July 16 last year and pleaded guilty to the offence.

The Court has also ordered the Chinese national who pleaded guilty to leave the country within the next seven days and to never return to Malawi and also to compensate the victims who are children from Njewa village in Lilongwe.

The State Advocate Dzikondiathu Malunda told the Court that Susu has already paid K16 million to the government to be used as compensation to the victims.

Malonda further told the court that another sum of the money will be channelled to community social responsibility activities and uplifting the life of school-going children in Njewa area in Lilongwe where the victims came from.