Religious leaders in Balaka protest against same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage protests in Balaka, Malawi

Faith leaders in Balaka on Tuesday led street protests against same-sex marriage.

The religious leaders also presented a petition at Balaka District Council expressing their concerns.

This comes as Dutch national, Jan Willem Akstar and a transgender Malawian are challenging laws of Malawi on same sex relationships.

Father Paul Mashonga, a Catholic priest at St.Louis Catholic Parish in the district said faith leaders in the district are concerned that there is a certain group of people that is trying to advance the issue of homosexuality in the country.

Father Mushonga emphasized that the act is very unnatural and they condemn it in strongest terms.

”As church leaders, we are only trying to advance what God intended at the very beginning, thus, a union must be only between a man and a woman and not the other way round,” said Mushonga.

Concurring with the priest, Reverend Harry Smith, Chairperson of the Balaka pastor’s fraternal but also Assemblies of God pastor in the district described the act of homosexuality as an abomination before God.

And his Moslem counterpart, Sheikh AbdulRahman Angachefu, a representative of the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) in Balaka said that as moslems, they stand in solidarity with the Christian’s and they stand firm in condemning homosexuality.

Meanwhile, a representative of Balaka District Council, Peter Chiumbudzo, has pledged to take the petition to responsible officers.