Media practitioners asked to report positive news to attract investors

Macdonald Mafuta Mwale is the Malawi Treasury to the Secretary

Government through the Secretary to the Treasury has urged journalists to write and report positive news about the country’s economy to attract investors.

The statement was made during a two day orientation of Association of Business Journalists (ABJ) which started on Friday and Saturday in Mangochi.

Speaking with reporters, Secretary to the Treasury MacDonald Mwale said that media is a tool and has a power to change the economy.

Mwale added that strengthening journalists capacity in reporting financial issues like debts management, licenses and exports is very important because it helps the journalists to avoid misinformation.

“Any business reporting which lacks information puts different profile to the public and the investors,” he explained.

On his part, National Coordinator for ABJ Vincent Khonyongwa asked the media to make of use the information they have been provided during the training.

Khonyongwa went on to say that business journalists are a source of hope as far as issues of economy are concerned as such such interactions are very crucial the media fraternity.

He then urged journalists to be responsible and asked them to utilize the training considering that it is handy .