Dausi took the wrong platform on DPP NGC’s resolutions

Malawi Politician Nicholas Dausi

Unprofessional and emotional Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) National Publicity Secretary, Nicholas Harry Dausi, condemned the party’s National Governing Council (NGC) for proposing what he termed as dictatorial laws to governing the daily operations of the party.

In my opinion, first, when you have family differences, try to stay calm. Try to put emotions aside. Don’t interrupt the other person while they are speaking. Actively listen to what they are saying and what they mean. Check that you understand your family by asking questions. Communicate your side of the story clearly and honestly.

Second, even in the church, there are different ways for resolving conflict. Start by modeling Christ. The gospel offers the most powerful peacemaking strategy ever developed. Practice relational wisdom. Recognize the three faces of fear. Practice the ‘three Ps’ of satisfaction. Remember the golden result. Promote Biblical peacemaking.

Similarly, when you have differences in your political party, stay calm and put your emotions aside. Attend round table discussions and actively listen to what is being said and what they mean. Make sure you understand by asking questions. Communicate your story clearly and honestly.

Dausi, in a Times Exclusive
interview with Brian Banda on Friday July 7, 2023 evening, used the wrong platform to complain that the NGC members, who had met at Nkopola Lodge last Monday July 3, 2023 had agreed to formulate new laws to govern the party. It must be remembered that every political party has time to rebrand just like any other company would do.

In as much as Dausi is privileged to speak his mind, he should explain his opinion on the resolutions to the NGC itself, which he absented himself from attending on July 3, 2023, that the laws are designed to bar all those who dragged the party to court from ever seeking any position at the July next year elective national elective conference. Let him prove to his party and NGC on the arguments he has other than using social media and main stream media. Funny and surprising enough he happens to be among those who dragged the DPP to court. He must tread carefully with his actions as this may cost his parliamentary seat.

It now appears very clear that Dausi is among those members who tried in vain to drag his party to court over NGC meeting which occurred to his fury. Pride and selfishness is taking center stage. The assumptions that some DPP inner circle members are being funded from MCP to destabilize their own party and would like to quit the DPP of form their own party may be right or wrong.

I want to suggest that Dausi, as an NGC member, who was invited to attend the NGC meeting, should have chosen to attend and speak his views right there to agree or disagree that the 10 percent from salaries of executive chiefs employed in all parastatal institutions such as water boards, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM), among others be deducted. It may also happen that Dausi had twisted the point because he didn’t attend the NGC meeting therefore we may be discussing speculations as well.

Furthermore, he should have constructively tabled his suggestions to the DPP NGC meeting refuting the introduction of membership cards with good reasons and given possible alternatives, which would be a prerequisite for one’s affiliation to the party.

If indeed he was fearless, the Mwanza Central Constituency lawmaker must have presented his lamentations to the NGC meeting, to which he is a member, that the party he has fought for and safeguarded its survival in a democracy is fast becoming a family entity by proposing that its leader Professor Arthur Mutharika be the only candidate for presidency. Endorsements happen everywhere and I think they should be accepted as people’s opinion in a democracy.

Dausi by warning that DPP was risking “kutha ngati makatani ngati akufuna kuchipanga chipani kukhala cha munthu mmodzi”, adding that there is no unity in the party at the moment went too far overboard.

He needs to say all his concerns right in front of his fellow NGC members where he belongs, but by going on Times Exclusive program, he took the wrong channel and addressed the wrong audience altogether. Nobody could respond to his views on TV, he was just lamenting or should we say he was just preaching?

“Chomwe anthu ife timatchuka nacho mu DPP ndi choti aliyense amayima pachulu, n’kumanyoza mnzake. Koma anthufe tinali m’boma. Amalawi amayembekezera kuti tikhala pansi pamodzi kuti tikambirane kuti chipani chingakhale champhamvu bwanji. Chifukwa kunena kuti ndikufuna kuyimira upulezidenti, simlandu, ndi ufulu wake,” said Dausi.

This is exactly what I am saying in my opinion that Dausi is among the bad seeds in the DPP who is arrogant and busy attacking others for holding different views.

Malawians are looking for a strong organized opposition which can sit down and discuss pertinent issues like what the DPP NGC have done recently. Honestly speaking, it is not wrong for anyone to show interest to contest as a presidential candidate, let alone endorsing someone else within the political party setting . Surprisingly, Dausi seems to be taking the endorsement of Arthur Peter Mutharika a wrong decision. Allow all sides of opinions in the Democratic Progressive Party to co- exist until the day of the convention.

I think when NGC members have been called to a meeting to discuss issues it means freedom is granted to delegates to the NGC meeting to exercise their right to voice out their concerns. What I fail to understand here is that Dausi chose to attend court session and missed the NGC meeting, wasnt that freedom of association? And if the delegates who attended the NGC meeting didn’t speak, did this happen at gun point? Who stopped the delegates from speaking or asking questions?

Dausi by daring his DPP leadership to emulate an example Malawi Congress Party (MCP) set by allowing everyone to run for presidency irrespective of their tribe and region they belong to, is that a fair comparison he could give to Malawians? Nicholas Dausi is of double standards for sure and this example raises a million dollar question.

If I were Nicholas Dausi, after DPP obtained a court order prohibiting him from granting the interview in his official capacity, I would have called the interview off because you don’t speak for a party that bars you from doing so. You don’t speak for a family when that family stops you because when your do so, you speak on your own behalf. I am afraid, this whole scenario could lead to contempt of court because there was an injunction restraining him from granting an interview to Times Exclusive.

The DPP claims that Dausi had previously indicated his unavailability for such duties; hence, he does not have the blessing of the party’s mandate to speak for it. In whose capacity was Dausi speaking? By the way, do we have to force matters to speak for someone or the party when they don’t want you? Check your relationship with your superiors first and immediate supervisors before you can discharge your duties.

Nicholas Dausi cannot win the battle by simply maintaining that he remains the only legally elected National Publicity Secretary. He must learn from Gustav Kaliwo, Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma and Jessie Kabwila of MCP. How long did they fight with Chakwera and where are they today? They are gone and even forgotten.