Liwonde Police get roadblock facility


A K2 million roadblock facility has been constructed at Liwonde roadblock.

Idrissa Ngunga, Director of Ngunga Investments which has constructed the roadblock, said that he invested 2 Million Malawi Kwacha in constructing the facility and he emphasized that security forms the foundation of development, and every business relies on a secure environment to thrive.

Ngunga therefore called upon the corporate sector and the public at large to rally behind the police service for the betterment of the nation.

Expressing his gratitude, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ulemu Kaluba, who is the officer in-charge of Liwonde Police Station, extended his thanks to Ngunga Investments for their generous donation.

Assistant Commissioner Kaluba highlighted the perilous working conditions officers faced due to the absence of barriers at the Liwonde roadblock.

He therefore urged other well-wishers to follow Ngunga Investments’ example, as the police service encounters numerous challenges that require assistance.

Speaking at the same function, Assistant Commissioner of Police Stain Mwalweni, who serves as Eastern Region Operations Officer, expressed his appreciation for Ngunga Investments’ construction of the facility.

Assistant Commissioner Mwalweni stressed the importance of roadblocks in managing crime and urged officers to utilize the facility professionally, discouraging any misuse or solicitation.

He further implored the general public to refrain from vandalizing police establishments during disputes and instead seek peaceful resolutions through appropriate channels.

Idrissa Ngunga is a Malawian Civil Engineer who is plying his trade in South Africa and a proprietor of Ngunga Investments in Liwonde township; and has been actively contributing to the betterment of society mainly targeting the youth. Recently, the company also donated football jerseys to the Liwonde Police Station.