Man fined K400,000 for sharing nude pictures of girlfriend


A court in Chikwawa has ordered Christopher Mbewe aged 25 to pay a fine of K400,000 for sharing nude pictures of his girlfriend on social media in May this year after a disagreement.

The Chikwawa magistrate court has ruled that Mbewe should spend eight months in jail if he fails to pay the money.

Mbewe was convicted after he pleaded guilty to a charge under Section 87 of the Electronic Transacation Act.

The court heard from the state Prosecutor from Chikwawa Police Station Emmanuel Namarwa that Mbewe on May 29, this year posted pornographic photos on social media after he had disagreements with his ex-girlfriend.

In his submission, Namarwa narrated that the behavior which was portrayed by the convict is inhumane and it brought trauma to the victim and embarrassment to the women in general.

He added that such cases are rampant in the country therefore the court must give reasonable sentence to deter other would-be offenders.

In his mitigation, Mbewe asked the court to be lenient with him when delivering its ruling saying that he is a university student and first offender.

In his ruling, first grade Magistrate Joram Zebron ordered the man to pay MK400,000 or in default to spend 8 months imprisonment with hard labour.

Mbewe is yet to pay the fine and has been sent to Chikwawa Prison.

He comes from comes from Julius Village Traditional Authority Katunga in Chikwawa.

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