Chakwera faulted for withdrawing Nkoloma’s appointment


Malawians have faulted President Lazarus Chakwera for withdrawing the appointment of information and communications technology expert Mayamiko Nkoloma as Commissioner for the National Planning Commission (NPC).

Nkoloma was appointed together with other appointees and they were awaiting confirmation from Public Appointments Committee of Parliament (PAC).

However, Chakwera through Comptroller of Statutory Corporations, Peter Simbani, has withdrawn the appointment.

In letter addressed to Nkoloma dated 14 June, Simbani has given no reason for the withdrawal of appointment.

“I trust there will be an opportunity for you to offer your service to government in future,” reads part of the letter.

Nkoloma is founder and director of a software company, iMoSYS, and he is also a lecturer of at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS).

There are speculations that the Chakwera administration believes he is linked to the opposition Democratic Progressive Party hence withdrawing of the appointment.

On social media, Malawians have faulted the government’s U-turn saying Nkoloma has produced innovations which he has been using to create jobs for fellow youths hence would have provided valuable contributions to the commission.

One person on Facebook wrote: “So who do the powers that be, think stands to lose here more here? Who stood to gain more from the other, between the National Planning Commission and Maya Nkoloma? Who stood to gain more from this appointment between the individual and the nation? How does the rescission of the appointment benefit the nation as a whole? Clearly only the egos of a selected few individuals have been stroked but is that how we are going to reach Canaan?”

Writing o Facebook, Che Grey also faulted the move to withdraw Nkoloma’s appointment to the NPC

“The young man Maya Nkoloma is well known for his Innovation hub that is creating meaningful solutions towards the social and economic development of the country…. not only in Malawi by the way, but even our neighbours are benefiting from his innovations.

“His company has also offered employment to young graduates, offers them good benefits, in the process making job creation a reality,” said Grey.

Journalist Kondwani Munthali said Chakwera’s decision is very strange but not surprising.

“We offered congratulations to Maya Nkoloma for being Commissioner at National Planning Commission.
He was the champion of ICT. Now politics believe he is unsuitable,” he wrote.