Lodge owner arrested in Mangochi over rape


Police at Namwera in Mangochi District have arrested a 46-year-old owner of Neptune Lodge at Namwera Trading Centre, identified as Dennis Dias, on allegations that he raped a 15-year old girl at the said lodge.

According to Mangochi Police Station Publicist Amina Tepani Daudi, father of the victim, on May 19, 2023 told Police that his daughter was chased out of the house by her stepmother after she refused to share water for bath with her siblings.

The child slept out in a nearby uncompleted building for two nights which prompted the parents to report to police.

“When she heard that police were looking for her, she was afraid to go back home and together with her friend they borrowed a sum of K2,000 and went to hide at Neptune Lodge.

“On the morning of May 23, 2023 during the checkout, the suspect interrogated the duo who narrated that they were afraid of the police. The suspect took advantage of the situation and promised to take care of the girl,” Daudi explained.

Daudi went on to say that the same day in the afternoon, while the child’s friend went to take a bath, the suspect sneaked into the room where he found the child dressing.

He pushed her on the bed and raped her while covering her mouth with his hand.

He then gave the victim K10,000 and threatened that he would call the police to arrest her if she dared to reveal the sexual abuse to anyone.

Few minutes later, her friend returned only to find her in tears and she revealed what had happened. Coincidentally, the same day police were tipped by members of the community about the whereabouts of the chikd.

Police rushed to the lodge and found her in the room crying.

The suspect was arrested instantly while the child was issued a referral letter to Namwera Health Centre where results indicated that she was defiled.

Dias will appear before court to answer the charge of defilement which contravenes section 138 of the Penal Code.

Dias hails from Sumaili Village, Traditional Authority Jalasi in Mangochi.

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