Namiwa says protesters will not be intimidated


Executive Director of Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiative (CDEDI) Sylvester Namiwa has challenged that no one can force protesters to stop conducting vigils at Capital Hill entrance which are in the third day in Lilongwe.

Namiwa said this when he received a tip about a certain group of people which is intending to disrupt them.

“Few minutes after receiving this tip, I saw a lorry being driven by a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member which surprised us when this vehicle entered the gate,” said Namiwa.

He added that this was also followed by withdrawal of some Police officers who were providing security to participants which surprised them.

He challenged that they will not be afraid with whatever plans are being organised to disturb them.

Namiwa also disclosed that his organization intends to write the Anti-Corruption Bureau on why it is taking time to take action on the matter.

He said they want to follow the rumours which circulated that ACB obtained warrant of arrest for Former Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe, Former Principal Secretary and a certain citizen by the name Khombe.

CDEDI wrote Attorney General in April requesting update on the recovery of K750 million meant for AIP but did not get any feedback hence conducting the vigils.

“People in the country are facing hunger because they did not access fertilizer since the money meant for procurement of cheap fertilizer missed. Since that day, attorney general has not been showing any seriousness in the recovery of the money despite promise to do so,” added Namiwa.

Wells Khama, one of the concerned citizens participating the vigils said they will not suspend the vigils until what they are demanding is done.

“We will only be changing the approach in how to do it to attract attention of government to act on our demands,” he said.

CDEDI is holding vigils to demand Attorney General to resign or provide the proof of recovery of K750 million meant for AIP which was missed.

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