Entrepreneurship key to reducing unemployment rate among the youths


Entrepreneur Kondwani Kachamba has described entrepreneurship as a too that would reduce unemployment rate amongst the youths in the country.

Speaking in an interview ahead of an Entrepreneurship Summit organized by St Andrews CCAP Youth Christian Fellowship (CYF) of the Livingstonia Synod, Kachamba said entrepreneurship helps one to be relevant to the community.

“Once young people are empowered with skills and knowledge, they will be able to use them to empower themselves and employ others,” Kachamba said.

He said he is expected to deliver teachings to St Andrews CYF which he believes will benefit and improve their economic standards if put into practice.

“It is my belief that this Entrepreneurship summit will help young ones to be innovative in their daily lives and changing the mindset of being employed,” he added.

Kachamba added that country’s development is scaled down because government is not doing enough to empower the youth like helping them access loans from financial institutions and banks who demand collateral which young people do not have thereby creating high unemployment rate.

He said once the youth are empowered and acquire skills, they will add value to country’s socio economic development.

St Andrews church CYF chairperson Lusubiro Mwangonde said CYF has a voice to change citizens by adding value to their spiritual life but also to the economy.

“We believe that empowerment in terms of skills acquisition can change situations of young people by turning them into entrepreneurs.

He said crime is becoming rampant in the society because a lot of young people are idle hence entrepreneurship training will equip them with skills to start their own business.

Mwangonde therefore advised St Andrews CYF to come in their large numbers and attain skills which will help them to be vibrant citizens in future.

St Andrews church CYF will hold Entrepreneurship summit on Saturday 20 May, 2023 with an aim of reducing dependency syndrome among youth.

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