Minister Zikhale defends relocation of refugees


Minister of Homeland Security, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma says his ministry is not against refugees but against people who are living illegally and depriving Malawians of economic opportunities.

Ng’oma said this in an interview on the sidelines of the Malawi Congress Party development rally at Kamuzu Upper Stadium in Blantyre.

“People are mistaking the issue of refugees and people who are entering into the country to do business, refugees are people who have fled from their countries for various reasons and they are registered upon arrival into the country and they are taken to designated places where they are given the refugee status upon following proper procedures,” said Ng’oma.

He said that every person who comes from another country to do business in the country is supposed to apply for Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) and possess all relevant documents which allow them to be in this country.

He added: “As long as I am the Minister of Homeland Security, I will make sure that this is blocked because this is where our money is going, we have had different Presidents but we still have economic problems, we want to make sure that our country’s economy is back to normal as the warm heart of Africa”.

Ng’oma, therefore, said that his ministry is committed to protecting refugees who are staying in designated camps which is in line with the country’s laws and international agreements of which the country is part.

Reported by Chilungamo Missi

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