SHOCKING: US-based Malawi Hip-Hop Star Jolly Bro Launches Scathing Attack on Tay Grin, question Nyau’s Sexuality!

Prepare to be stunned as the rivalry between two Malawian music sensations takes an unexpected turn. Jolly Bro, the fiery hip-hop artist based in the United States, has launched a scathing attack on his longtime adversary, Tay Grin.

The US based Malawi Hip-Hop super star dropped the bombshell on social media questioning his longtime advserary’s sexuality.

The Khala Pasi titan recently made headlines when he compared South Bend, Indiana, to townships in Malawi like Mbabane and Kwa Mgona, leaving Tay Grin’s US tour in shambles. Jolly Bro didn’t hold back, claiming that Tay Grin’s performance venues were nothing more than run-down pubs resembling Bwandilo. And if that wasn’t enough, he even had the audacity to label the Malawians in South Bend as “primitive” and “very poor”.

Naturally, Tay Grin was not one to take such an assault lying down. He fired back by accusing Jolly Bro of being an illegal immigrant.

“Ife nde tabwelako ku Hollywood tikuusumana kaye pa 21Grill ku Blantyre. Paja enanu mukapita ma trip aku Church kunja mumathawa konko osabwelelanso, Mutengeleko chitsanzo cha aMfumu ndi anyamata awo aNyau. [I have returned from my illustrious Hollywood tour and are currently making waves at the iconic 21Grill in Blantyre. It’s a stark contrast to you who ventured to the US for a RELIGIOUS crusade only to stay behind illegally. It would be prudent for you to take a cue from me, your esteemed King and my Nyau companions” responded Tay Grin.

But Jolly Bro, true to his provocative nature, wasn’t done there. He took a swipe at Tay Grin’s sexuality with unsubstantiated insinuations. The first blow came when Jolly Bro mentioned that Tay Grin returned to Malawi because the US doesn’t reward “ineptitude.” But then he took it a step further, sharing a snippet of Danny’s controversial track, “Yakumbuyo,” which delves into homosexuality in Zambia.

“MAFUMU OVALA G-STRING! [G-string wearing kings]” Jolly Bro who has previously dissed Tay Grin in multiple songs posted on Facebook.

But if you thought that was the end of it, think again!

Jolly Bro went live on Facebook for a staggering 48 minutes and 55 seconds to provide further clarification on his daring post. He wants everyone to know that he’s not holding anything back!

As of now, Jolly Bro’s outrageous accusations are yet to be honoured with a response, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

As the battle intensifies, you can be assured of more explosives!