Federalism Institute to hold public lecture in Mzuzu

The Federalism Institute has disclosed plans to hold a public lecture on federalism in Mzuzu next week.

This comes as calls are still pouring in for Malawi to embrace the federal system of government, which some sections of society believe would help bring tangible development regardless of regional boundaries.

While others are calling on President Lazarus Chakwera to call for a referendum, the public lecture, to be hosted by Lusungu Simba Mwakhwawa, is scheduled be conducted under the theme “Establishing a More Inclusive and Forward-looking Federal System for the 21st Century”.

“This event will bring together a panel of distinguished speakers with diverse backgrounds and expertise to share their insights on the topic of federalism and its impact on governance, economics, science, politics, gender, and ethics,” Mwakhwawa said in a statement.

He added that the keynote speaker will be Atupele Muluzi, who is Vice President and Head of Africa Industries Committee of the Pan African Business Forum, former cabinet minister, and parliamentarian.

“Muluzi will discuss the importance of constitutional reforms and federalism in strengthening democracy and promoting effective service delivery,” said Mwakhwawa.

During the event, other speakers shall include Edwin Simama, a renowned economist and entrepreneur, who will share his thoughts on the future of economic governance and policy under federalism, Dr. Cedrick Ngalande, a US-based Malawian aerospace engineer and space scientist, who will explore the intersection of federalism, science, technology, and politics in space policy.

According to Mwakhwawa, Zione Matumba, Vice President of ADD Party Eastern Region, is expected to discuss the role of federalism in ensuring women’s rights and representation at the central and local level.

It is also said that Dr Rex Kalolo PhD, a religious leader, will examine the ethics of federalism and how to balance local needs with national priorities.

Mwakhwawa hinted that Janet Fundi, a seasoned banker with more than 10 years of experience and a nominated County Assembly of Vihiga County of Kenya Western Region, will draw from Kenya’s experience to discuss how to build a federal system of government in Malawi.

Analysts have since said the public lecture is an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in governance, economics, politics, science, ethics, and gender to gain new insights and perspectives on the topic of federalism.

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