Help sought for child who lost legs due to Cyclone Freddy


Help for prosthetic legs is being sought for six-year-old Promise Banda who lost his legs after being trapped under a fridge for three days following floods induced by Cyclone Freddy in Blantyre.

Malawians Journalist Jack McBrams tweeted the story of Promise Banda yesterday.

According to McBrams, when Cyclone Freddy hit Soche in Blantyre in March, Promise was trapped under an inclined fridge for three days inside the last room standing of a heavily damaged house and was covered in mud.

“When they found him, Promise could barely speak as he hadn’t eaten in 3 days. He was rushed to Queens & then Mercy James Centre where, despite the doctors’ best efforts, they were unable to save his legs that had been pinned under the fridge for 3 days

“Like thousands of others, the Banda family lost everything in the mudslides and they are practically destitute. Right now, Precious is using a wheelchair for mobility but he needs prosthetic legs to ease mobility to school when the next term opens,” McBrams tweeted.

He added that the child wa discharged from hospital last week and the family found temporary shelter at Ntonda, after Green Corner.

“Like I said, the family is destitute & would appreciate any assistance to help them get off their feet.

“Promise’s father Steve can be reached on +265996090408 or me,” wrote Jack.

In Malawi, Cyclone Freddy hit several districts in the southern region in March. Floods and mudslides induced by the Cyclone killed over 600 people and displaced more than 600,000 people.

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