Wanderers using last season’s kit despite K760 million sponsorship


Malawi Super League side Mighty Mukuru Wanderers is still using last season’s kit despite securing K760 million sponsorship from Mukuru and Ekhaya.

Since the start of the 2023 Super League Season, Nomads have been using the kit they used last season.

On some kits, last season’s names have been erased with black material and names of current players have been written in white over the black material.

Nomads players during their game against Tigers yesterday

An eagle-eyed sports enthusiastic has noted that kit with number 26 is now being worn by Gaddie Chirwa with the name of last season’s occupier Joseph Balakasi painted over.

Kit with jersey number 11 was being worn by Alfred Manyozo last season but the name has been painted over and replaced with Kumwenda.

On social media, football followers have described the use of the last season’s jersey as shameful.

“Apa ndipamene pamadziwika tium yadongosolo ndi yopanda dongosolo (This how we differentiate a team that do things in an organized manner from a team that is disorganized),” said one person.

Another social media user said: “This is a disgrace to our football. We can do better, not these silly mistakes.”

Others, however, said they do not find anything wrong with using last season’s kit.

Last month, the club announced that Mukuru will give the club K350 million for two years while Ekhaya Group of companies will provide K410 million, totaling K760 million.

Ekhaya is a company owned by the family of the club’s chairperson Dr Thomson Mpinganjira.

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