Ichocho told to stop wearing military uniform

Ichocho director Suwedi (L) and chairperson Kasakula at the meeting with Government officials

Malawi Government has told Ichocho Power Security to stop using military uniform and to resubmit the company’s documents within seven days, saying the documents which were used to register the company contain irregularities.

On Tuesday, Ichocho Power Security appeared before a panel of Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, Justice Minister Titus Mvalo, Inspector General for Malawi Police Service Merlyin Yolamu and other officials for disciplinary hearing in Ministry of Homeland Security in Capital Hill.

This comes following the video which went viral on social media in which one of the directors of Ichocho Power Security Yasin Ichocho Suwedi appeared with his men saying they had kidnapped Tonderai Banda and demanded his father Jai Banda to use his legal skills to help Ichocho become recognized by government as a security agency.

Speaking with reporters, Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo said that they called the security company to admit if what was in the clip was done by them and pointed out some laws which the security company violated including causing alarm to the public, wearing a military uniform and circulation of false news on the kidnapping of Banda’s Son.

Mvalo added that they noted that the company’s documents are incomplete and there are some irregularities which is an example of broken system as such the company is supposed to resubmit the application documents to the Minister of Homeland Security within seven days.

He said the company will be reregistered if it fails to do so.

“Following the disciplinary meeting, we have agreed that the court case that has been registered by the company owner Mr Ichocho for breaching the laws that I earlier mentioned on will continue against him without interference from the government because this will be done by court and he has already appeared and he will appear again on 8th this month, so we will not interfere with those cases.

“Another issue is that the letter of reprimand to Ichocho should be the first and last warning. Ichocho will be required to submit to the Ministry of Homeland Security particulars of all their guards, each time Ichocho employees new recruits they should submit those recruits. All their guards must have IDs guards and should be signed by the Chairman of the company. The company of Ichocho must engage a lawyer for him to be guiding the company on what they may or may not do. Lastly, there should be no more wearing of military uniform from MDF and MPS,” he explained.

On his part, Chairperson for Ichocho Power Security George Kasakula apologized for the video clip saying when it came out it surprised everybody and it also violated the laws of this country more specifically on security matters as well as publishing false alarm.

“As a security company we regret that clip and maintain our stand that we regret that clip, it shouldn’t have happened. Our Managing Director Mr Yasin Suwedi was wrong. We have come here pleading with the minister not to revoke the licence,” he explained.

He said the minister should consider that Suwedi is a young man who is also employing his fellow young men.

He then assured that going forward they will be operating the company in good manner and such case will never happen again.

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