Ethiopian migrants arrested in Rumphi

Forty-eight Ethiopian nationals have been arrested in Rumphi for allegedly entering the country illegally.

Rumphi Police station spokesperson Sergeant Tupeliwe Kabwilo says the migrants were arrested in the wee hours of today at Chiweta area.

Kabwilo said police officers who were manning roadblock at Chiweta area saw a certain vehicle at a distance coming from Karonga direction going to Mzuzu.

However, a motor vehicle stopped upon noticing that officers are at the roadblock.

Police officers followed it and immediately 10 Ethiopians nationals came out from the vehicle and run into the bush.

The driver too started off the car, speeding towards Karonga direction along M1 road.

Police managed to arrest 10 of the said Ethiopians who had no traveling documents and 38 others were arrested at Chombe area at a lodge.

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