Ku Mingoli Bash moves to Grand Business Park

The organisers of the Ku Mingoli Bash have announced the change of the venue for the show from Lilongwe golf club to Grand Business Park in Lilongwe.

The show was expected to take place at Lilongwe golf club on 22 July 2023, but now it will take place at the Grand Business Park on the same date.

Speaking to reporters in Lilongwe, Managing Director of Sound Addicts and event promoter of the Ku Mingoli Bash Shadreck Kalukusha said they have decided to shift the venue due to security concerns as well as issues of space, parking and general safety.

“We have moved the Ku Mingoli Bash from golf club to here at Grand Business Park for some reasons, we are concerned for the people’s parking, security and general safety and enjoyability of the event. We have also seen that there is a lot of space here for us to do what we are trying to do. The stage alone is taking up space roughly 20/20 metres, a normal stage in Malawi is usually around 8/8 metres when it goes large it’s 12/8 metres.

“So you can see that this stage is gonna be far bigger far more exciting, we are going to have roughly 12 screens on that stage, we have booked three lighting companies to come and work at this event. Genset as well we have 2 companies just to make sure if power goes off we have a backup. So it’s gonna be very exciting and the Ku Mingoli Bash will be one of the best event we have ever had in Malawi,” said Kalukusha.

Kalukusha added that as organisers they want to have an event where people can go and enjoy themselves without worrying of equipment shutting down, Genset going off and absence of artists.

According to Kalukusha the Grand Business Park, has a parking space that can accommodate many vehicles and they have also engaged some security campanies to ensure that there is tight security in the parking sites and at the event.

Sixteen branded minibuses have been set to ferry passengers from their starting points to the event at a price of MK500 and the buses will be moving across the town as one way of advertising the event.

The lineup of the Ku Mingoli Bash include 3 International artists:  Alaine, Yo Maps and Blaq Diamond as well as local artists which are: Kell Kay, Lulu, Onesimus, Eli Njuchi, Driemo, Gibo Pearson, Zeze Kingston, Black Missionaries, Pop Young and Sean Morgan among others.

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