Wazisomo encourages people to be thankful to God in new song

Renowned gospel artist, Steve Wazisomo Muliya, is expected on 1st May this year release a new song entitled “Hallelujah let’s celebrate” which encourages people to be thankful to God in every situation.

In an interview, Muliya said the song also offers encouragement to those who have lost hope in many ways and it gives them hope that God will sail them through their problems.

“We need to be grateful irrespective of different circumstances surrounding our lives. It also gives hope to the hopeless as the scripture says God of the valley is the same God of the mountains which means he remains God in all the circumstances,” said Muliya.

He added that people should expect to listen and watch a nice song which he says it has been produced in a way that every gospel fan in the country and beyond is going to fall in love with it.

Muliya added: “It’s a nice song which I am sure many gospel music fans are going to like it as the producers have taken much of their time on this song.”

The video of the song has been produced by VJ Ken while producers like Emmanuel Gonthako, Hope Ngalande, Andy Mponya and Babra Nyangulu are behind the audio.

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