Thabo Bester Prison Break: Dr Nandipha had two original passports

Dr Nandipha Magudumana, the girlfriend of convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester, had two original passports when she was arrested in Tanzania. Both passports belong to her friend, Dr Mmereka Patience Martha Ntshani who is popularly known as Dr Pashy.

The Citizen, while quoting Tanzanian security officials, reports that both passports were found in Dr Nandipha’s luggage when she was arrested approximately.

“The one passport expired in 2022 and the other passport is expiring in 2029. Both were issued to Dr. Pashi, and according to the source they are authentic South African issued passports.

“It was found in the luggage that they (Dr Nandipha and Bester) had with them in the car when they were caught 10km from the Kenyan border” reports The Citizen.

Dr Nandipha stole my passport

Dr Pashy has rejected claims that she ‘willingly’ handed her passport to Dr Nandipha. Instead, Dr Pashy has accused Magudumana of stealing the passport which was allegedly used when when the ‘couple-in-crime’ left South Africa.

However, in a statement which Dr Pashy posted on her Instagram account, the celebrity aestheticist only mentions one passport.

Dr Pashy’s omission of her second passport is raising eyebrows on Twitter. This follows further allegations that the Police were also hunting for her and that she had gone into hiding.

“Dear Dr Pashy, can we talk frankly: Did Nandipha Magudumana steal your passport or you have it to her? Can you confirm or deny that you ran away from your house last week when @SAPoliceService wanted to raid it? Did you give money to Nandipha and Bester?” queried Mzilikazi wa Afrika who tweets @IamMzilikazi.

The fugitive partners-in-crime are yet to be extradited to South Africa. The prison break of Thabo Bester has made international headlines and reads like a Hollywood script. Thabo Bester is a convicted serial rapist and murderer known for luring young women on Facebook.