Malawi to introduce Cyclone Freddy levy

Minister of Finance Sosten Gwengwe says government will introduce Cyclone Freddy levy to finance reconstruction following the devastating impact of the cyclone in the southern region.

Gwengwe, said this yesterday when the Japanese Government was handing over assorted relief items to Malawi.

According to Gwengwe, the levy will be attached to fuel and the money realized will help speed up reconstruction of roads, bridges and other infrastructure damaged by the floods.

He, however, claimed that the introduction of the levy will not lead to a rise in fuel prices.

“He says government will find a way to take some money from the fuel levy without increasing fuel pump prices in order to fund the levy,” Times reported.

On social media, Malawians have opposed the plans to introduce the levy saying current levies on fuel are already a lot.

“No way, the taxes and levies we pay are enough for rebuilding, the government just needs to work out how to allocate the resources that they have….it is a matter of forgoing some luxury spending that the government make,” commented one person on a social media post.

Another commenter said: “Can the government be serious? What levy do they want to introduce? Can’t they use money from the tollgates, they are making a lot there.”

The government of upsides, the past month also, they were saying they are building more toll gates, why can’t use that money to repair roads affected by Freddy.

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