Zomba City Council owes Ward Councillors February pay


Zomba City ward councillors have complained that the council has not paid them their February dues.

One of the councilors, Charles Simbani told Malawi24 that they were not aware of reasons why the council is yet to pay them their February money.

Simbani who is also chairperson for Development Service Committee said the council notified them that their dues would delay because of “other reasons”.

He said: “We’re failing to fulfil various obligations in our wards because we personally assist people whenever we have cash and people feel we take them for granted for failing to respond to their personal needs.”

The council’s Director of Finance, James Mafunga added that the local authority encounters financial challenges at the end of each financial year because it fails to raise adequate revenue.

He explained that the council targets to raise K89 million each month through locally generated revenue but this had not been the case as this is rainy but also lean season to most businesses.

“They will receive their dues before the end of this week,” Mafunga assured the city’s ten ward councilors.

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