Health workers in Mwanza conduct sit-in


Health workers at Mwanza District Hospital are conducting a sit-in saying they are failing to work due to lack of fuel, water, stationery, sanitary items and other necessities at the hospital which is in Southern Malawi.

The health workers allege that funding for the necessities has gone missing at the hospital.

The sit-in has started this morning and patients are being forced to return home.

“Those that are very ill are resorting to laying around the facility waiting for the situation to return to normal,” Zodiak Online reported.

Patients already admitted at the hospital are being assisted by some of the health workers. The medical workers are also attending to emergencies.

The health workers have said they will return to work when the issues are resolved.

Speaking to Zodiak, Mwanza District Commissioner, Dr. Martha Sineta, has said she is surprised by the actions of the workers.

The sit-in comes as Malawi is struggling to control a cholera outbreak which started in March last year. Over the past year, cholera has killed 1412 people in the country.

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