Five people drown in Chiradzulu

Five people including two girls aged 12 have died after drowning this morning in Sandekwe River which is at Malika village in Chiradzulu.

The people are all from Chibwana Village Traditional Authority identified as Rose Chapita,35, Biyonce Chikapa,12, Petiency Mussa, 18, Aisha Mussa aged23 and Tazila aged 12.

Constable Cosmas Kagulo, Chiradzulu Police spokesperson, the incident occurred on 12 February 2023 at around 10:00 hrs following a heavy downpour that resulted in flooding of rivers.

It is reported that nine people left their home at around 0600hrs to fetch firewood within The Catholic University of Malawi compus.

On their way back, they were tipped by well-wishers that Chisombezi river was full of water and they could not manage to cross.

The eight changed direction to use another side of the village by using Sandekwe river which was not flooded by then.

As they started to cross, the river suddenly got swollen and swept them all.

However, three ladies managed to swim while the five others drowned.

Search for the bodies by the police and the community members is underway.

Chiradzulu Police is therefore urging people to refrain from crossing rivers wherever there is no bridge, and should be using bridges which are in good condition in order to avoid similar cases.

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