Kalindo to lead Malawi shutdown demos in March

A grouping  of concerned citizens says it will conduct mass demonstrations in all parts  of the country to demand the resignation of President Lazarus Chakwera, Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba and Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda.

The grouping led by Bon Kalindo , Phunziro Mvula and Redson Munlo made the statement today at a press briefing in Lilongwe.

Kalindo said Chakwera should resign because he has shown lack of leadership and Malawians are suffering under his admnistration.

He added that Colleen Zamba and Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda should also step down because they have shown to be compromised.

“The Attorney General promised Malawians that he would recover the money that was corruptly given to the butcher man for the purchase of AIP Fertilizer. He further promised Malawians  that he would resign if fails to get back the money. To date there is a dead silence on the matter. This is a cause for worry as a Nation,” he explained.

Kalindo also accused government through Disaster Management (DODMA) of distributing maize to people in affluent areas of Lilongwe such as Area 25  instead of distributing it in areas where there are poor people.

He then asked Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Martha Chizuma to bite hard now when she is enjoying support from the common man and woman in the village.

“Your war is our war was well. Bring to book anyone  deemed to be on the wrong side of the law. To government we say , a slow movement of a tiger towards its prey should not be mistaken for fear rather, it is an accuracy calculation to pounce,” he said.

According to Kalindo, they have decided to hold the demonstrations on March 20 because they are working with counterparts in South Africa  led by Julius Malemia who will also be holding demonstrations on the same day aimed at forcing the country’s president to resign.

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