Ntaja Health Centre contains Cholera outbreak


Ntaja Health Centre in Machinga District has not registered any cholera case in the past 5 days, officials at the facility have disclosed.

Robert Phiri, Senior Medical Assistant at Ntaja Health Centre, told Malawi24 that they have not registered any case in the past week and they have only reported a total of 38 cases of which 34 were discharged and and 3 lost their lives.

Phiri hinted that they have managed to contain the disease by engaging the community on Cholera preventive measures and giving them chlorine.

“To us as facility we fill that we have made a good strides in containing this outbreak, there are a lot of interventions which have made us to have no case for the past five days.

“One of the interventions is that we engaged the health surveillance assistant to go into the community and distribute chlorine for the communities to be using treated water in order to prevent the spread of cholera,” explained Phiri.

Phiri further noted that the centre is working very hard to combat myths and misconceptions about Cholera by raising awareness through traditional leaders in all the communities around the centre.

“We are facing myths and misconceptions you know Cholera is a disease which comes at once so people sometimes forget that there is cholera so we go into the villages and educate them on cholera so that they should forget the myths and misconceptions and follow the things we are telling them to do in order to prevent Cholera,” explained Phiri.

According to Phiri the centre is very ready and well equipped with adequate medical supplies and they are ready to handle any new case that may come.

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