William, we need bars not screenshots — Riffle


The war of words involving Riffle Dynamic and Episodz is slowly getting to the climax as the former has asked the latter to defend himself though verses and not screenshots.

This follows a screenshot which has been shared by Episodz on his Facebook page.

The screenshot which is arguably aimed at substantiating Episodz’ claims that he slept with his Dynamic’s girlfriend, shows a conversation involving the two.

In the conversation, Riffle asks his ‘rival’ about the girlfriend he claims to have bonked.

“Kodi mkazi munadyayo ndi uti? (Which girlfriend of mine did you f***?)alotta people are tagging me with that caption.

This, has heightened the battle of bars between the two artists who are identified by the same style of rap.

“Episodz’ just go to the studio and respond to him and not this trash,” reads a comment from Dynamic’s fan

Episodz’ fan responded, “Whatever the case, Episodz is a better rapper. He killed Riffle already. This debate is settled.”

The two artists have rekindled the beef culture in Malawi’s hip hop, after more than a decade of following a beef involving Lomwe, JB, Fredokiss and Tay Grin.

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