Bucci braces through with his new single ‘Wofo’


Malawian fast-rising R&B/Afropop artist, Bucci has returned with the release of his first single of the year titled, “Wofo” (Soft Life).

The musician took to social media late evening, Monday 23 January to announce the official release of his brand new single writing:

“Refu!! Nthawiiiii!! WOFO NOW OUT it’s wofo time …”

The song premiered earlier on MBC Radio 2 FM’s popular radio show ‘Made On Monday’ hosted by Joy Nathu.

Bucci has since been slowly taking some time to reinvent himself and establish his personal brand.

The “Malungo” hit-maker has now turned his music in a different direction to also find new ways of speaking out for the voiceless and in particular focus on those with disabilities.

Through some external research of reaching out to the Malawian people and the international market, Bucci released his song “Apapa”; a song which talks about the challenges of living with a hearing impairment – in hopes of not only understanding the market but also being able to be seen as more than just an artist, but as an advocate for the people.

“Deaf people face so many challenges, and they are not really spoken for. So upon watching a few TV interviews, I felt like this is an area we need to tackle, and I’m just glad that my team was able to support that,” said Bucci.

In light of the promotion of his single “Apapa”, Bucci was featured on BBC Africa’s ‘Focus on Africa’ where he spoke with Veronique Edwards to find out what inspired him to raise awareness of the issue and how he was able to infuse it within his song.

“In Malawi, there are half a million deaf people versus 20 sign language interpreters. For me that was just devastating” he stated.

“The deaf community has not been given much attention and I as a musician thought, with the gift that I have, I should speak for them through my music. This is the focus but I will also be there to speak for needy people.”

The artist has also since taken up different initiatives and campaigns with others in raising awareness for the deaf community.

Following the success of “Apapa”, Bucci has partnered with Wofo Media House to present the new song “Wofo (Soft Life)”. The track continues to highlight the lives of the everyday Malawian.

“It embraces the everyday life of a modern day adult who is just trying to make it in life, but like anybody else is fighting their own battles from job seeking, fresh out of college youths, first time fathers, trying to provide something for child support under the pressure of a mother, and at the same time trying to stay looking fresh in the streets,” he explained.

He added: “It also captures the modern day common pressures that people undergo because of debts, rents, how the system is corrupt and it only seems to favor those that have it good already. It also goes to a depth of covering modern day youth relationships, social media pressures, and what devices they use so they stay applauded and accepted by society.

“I guess this song is also just like Apapa. It has helped me use it as a tool to continue shaping my new path as an artist and an individual to remain more socially conscious in such an exciting way. Music with a purpose,” said Bucci.

Mabuchi Mwale, popularly known by his stage Bucci, is a professional Malawian singer, dancer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur based in Blantyre, Malawi.

Well known for producing hits such as “Golide”, “Undigwile” (ft. Tuno), “Gijima” (ft. Zani Challe), and “Ndagoma” (ft. Fredokiss), among others, have since seen him recognized as one of the top elite R&B/Afropop artists of the game.

Constantly pushing to improve himself and signify his spot on the urban scene, Bucci continues to outweigh through his performances while capturing the hearts of many and keeping the audience entertained.

His fanbase fondly known as “Bucci Nation” has crowned him the king of R&B in Malawi because of his unique R&B style and killer dance moves. His sound continues to evolve, as he explores various thematic elements in the R&B and Afropop genres.

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