Villagers attack health workers, damage health centre in Balaka


villagers marching to the centre

Villagers have beaten up health workers and damaged Nandumbo Health Centre in the area of Traditional Authority Kalembo in Balaka District on allegations that health workers at the facility are behind the rise in cases of Cholera in the area.

The angry mob yesterday made their way into Nandumbo Health Centre in the Area of Traditional Authority Kalembo, forcing some health workers to vacate the facility.

Esnath Suwedi, vice Chairperson of Nandumbo area development committee- ADC, says the irate people suspect that the health workers were acting ‘mysteriously’ and that this is escalating cholera cases in the area.

The villagers also allege that health workers have been injecting people with contaminated syringes.

Yesterday, the villagers went on rampage, stoning the cholera isolation ward at the facility and injuring the facility in-charge.

A health surveillance assistance at the facility said his house was also damaged and he was beaten up.

District Environmental Health Officer (DEHO) Blessings Chitsime said all the 22 Cholera patients who were admitted in the Cholera treatment camp have discharged themselves adding that plans are underway to visit the health facility.

Balaka district is recording cholera cases at a supersonic speed with Nandumbo as the worst hit area.

Since the start of the cholera outbreak in March last year, the district has recorded 1,450 cases and 46 deaths.

Across Malawi, 26,364 cases and 960 deaths have been recorded since March.