Mzuni students destitute as rain leaves hostels flooded


Heavy rains in Mzuzu have flooded hostels at Luwinga where Mzuzu University (Mzuni) students reside.

The students have complained that they have lost their belongings due to the flooding and they have been forced to move out.

” Almost everything is gone. Our hostels in water,” one of the students said.

Speaking to the local media, Mzuni Students Union Representative Council President Greenson Mbotwa said most of the students that have been affected by the heavy rains are those residing in rented hostels at St Augustine, Viyele and Mbizi.

Meanwhile, the university’s assistant registrar spokesperson Cliff Kawanga has said the institution is assessing the situation.

Last week, heavy rains coupled with strong winds also hit Mzuzu City affecting atleast 28 households and destroying property estimated at 13.5 Million Kwacha in Chiputula, Lupaso Nkhorongo Ward and Zolozolo West Wards.

According to the Mzuzu City Council, residents lost shelter, essential food items, kitchen utensils and luxuries items.

In some cases, trees and electric poles fell across the roads inconviencing road users.

Chiputula Primary School also had fence damaged due to the incident

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