Tuno and Bucci drop enticing new visuals for “Undigwire”


Malawian artists Tuno and Bucci have come together to release new visuals for the latest single “Undigwire”.

Outshining and being able to perform individually on any song they drop, Tuno and Bucci have over the years popularly grown to become some of the top two talented individuals to look out for on the urban music scene.

Through their outstanding performance individually on stage and enticing vocals in the booth, Tuno and Bucci have managed to pave their way through the industry, while capturing the hearts of their fans, never ceasing to amaze – delivering the best and closely keeping the audience entertained.

The colourful new music video of “Undigwire” goes to show just how much the connection has grown between the two talented artists overtime. Having maintained a strong foundation in the industry over the years Tuno and Bucci have managed to become strong youthful and independent fashion icons.

Tuno: As a songstress, has overtime managed to find her way out onto the urban scene, slowly finding her voice and being identified as one of the many female acts that’s upcoming and breaking out of the industry. Through her captivating performance on stage and in videos Tuno always leaves the fans wanting more.

Bucci is slowly creeping his way up to be recognized on the international scene, has over the years been seen as one of the many talented acts breaking out of the music scene. Through his amazing dance choreography and strong instrumental melody vocals, Bucci is always elevating his game and always keeping the audience entertained, while also capturing the hearts of many and standing out as one of the best and a force to be reckoned with within the game.

Put two and two together and you have a really amazing, fun, but colourful and captivating visual.

Now out, check out “Undigwire” official music video!