The MAGU proposal was staged


It has been revealed that the marriage proposal which ended in tears at Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) recently was staged.

A poster which is in circulation on social media indicates that the proposal in question is an impending film on HIV and AIDS prevention measures.

The poster shows five characters in the film, and is titled PEP+PrEP, COMING SOON.

This, has put to bed the mockery which one of the males, in the name of  Daniel Muhiwa was subjected to across social media platforms,  in the country.

Part of the film which is trending on cyberspace shows a girl rejecting a marriage proposal from her suitor at a friendly gathering, arguing she only met him in the past three weeks.

Then the suitor leaves the scene in shame after his friend who clapped for him in course of the proposal, turned against him.

The characters include Patrick Mpinganjira, Rexina Jadidiah, Gloria and Odrien Phiri.

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