Balaka Council seeks to promote women’s participation in development programs



Balaka District Council says it has set up guidelines that would help promote participation of women in development programs in the district.

The council’s chief planning officer, Edgar Chihana, has disclosed this in an interview with Malawi24.

Chihana said: ”We have noted that there is a big gap when planning and implementing various development projects as these women are not given a chance to have their inputs considered in our development plans, as such, the women are not fully represented and they feel isolated.”

He added that the women will be roped in various development structures at the district level and they will be given a chance to actively take part in formulation of plans that would benefit all people in the district.

Apart from that, women will be empowered in various areas including on how to grow their businesses.

Reacting to the development, Foundation for Civic Education and Social Empowerment (FOCESE) advocacy coordinator, Prisca Kunsida, expressed satisfaction, saying that women in the Informal sector have for a long time been neglected and sidelined.

”It is a great sigh of relief to these women as they will now be able to express their voices in matters regarding their welfare,” she said.

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