Musician Rudo celebrates with young offenders at Maula Prison


Gospel Musician Rudo Mkukupa Chakwera on Friday  cheered young offenders at Maula Prison young reformation section.

The musician during the visit to the prison donated items such as water buckets, school materials, uniforms, food, toothbrushes  and  toilet papers.

At the event, there were different activities like mental health talks, prayers, donations and also  performances by different musicians including, Asabu, Atoht Manje, Asante and Chikondi Wiseman.

Speaking in an interview, Chakwera said these young offenders are usually forgotten when they are behind bars and it’s not all the time people remember their existence. She added that she thought it is very wise to celebrate her birthday with them.

“So, I said to myself that I have celebrated my birthday so many years so many birthdays, why don’t I take this birthday especially for these kids who are behind bars and they may not be able to have a Christmas celebration with their families, so that’s why I came here.

“The focus is on mental health because I think you are aware that Malawi has been hit by so many suicide cases, there is a sign of hopelessness in people and this fight is ongoing. Young people are the ones that are affected most, because they are in a stage where they are trying to figure out life and when they are behind bars that’s even double the trouble because they can’t realise their plans, hopes or their goals and it’s like they are at standstill. So, we wanted to bring hope to tell them that when they get out of here there is still life out there,” said Chakwera.

She then urged the corporate world and businesspeople to hold hands and support these prisoners because they do lack a lot of things.

In his remarks, Senior Superintendent Peter Kalawu who is the deputy Officer In charge at Maula Prison, said the prison has so many challenges like lack of food and other resources and the coming of Rudo to support them with some of the assorted items is very commendable.

He noted that the young offenders are still in development stage hence they need a lot of things which the prison cannot provide.

“We are really trying our level best with the help  that Government is giving us to look after them but it’s not enough as we would have loved.

“And today we have received these assorted items from Mrs Rudo Chakwera and let me appreciate her because it is rare for someone to choose to celebrate her birthday with prisoners since prisoners are regarded as  those who have the wronged the people outside,” said Kalawu.

Buba Mozambiki, one of the Juveniles at the prison, thanked Rudo Chakwera for the donation and also for dedicating her time to celebrate her birthday with them.

Mozambiki said as young offenders they are having so many challenges and one of them is depression and the coming of Rudo to cheer them and encourage them not to give up its very important for their lives.

He then then appealed to other people to emulate what Rudo has done to them so that they also support the young offenders.

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