My philosophy helped Argentina win the World Cup — Marinica


Flames Romanian tactician Marian Mario Marinica has said his fast and very fast football was fruitful for most teams at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Speaking in an interview with MBC Radio 2, Marinica made the claims.

According to the Flames mentor, the fact that most goals at the tournament did not come from set pieces, is a proof that fast and very fast football worked.

He mentioned Japan as one of the teams which did not enjoy much of ball possession at the tournament, but ended up recording victories against some gigantic teams like Germany.

The coach is in the process of implementing his philosophy. So far, it is not working given the Malawi’s poor run of form, much to the dissatisfaction of football loving Malawians.

Mario is reported to have proposed for the implementation of his philosophy among domestic clubs. However local clubs shunned his style of play arguing they have their own respective ways of delivery.

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