Family of man detained for buying soft drinks demands K2.1 billion compensation


The Majighaheni Gondwe family is demanding Malawi Government to compensate the family after their father Steven Majighaheni Gondwe was detained without trial by the one-party government which also seized Gondwe’s property because he bought soft drinks in Mzuzu.

The family this morning started holding a vigil at Ministry of Justice offices at Capital Hill in Lilongwe.

According to family members,
their father was arrested over the soft drinks he bought in Mzuzu city during the wedding of his son.

The purchase allegedly left the city in short supply of the drinks and Majighaheni was accused of trying to take over government.

They also say that their mother was forcefully asked to resign from her post as a Member of Parliament.

The family took the matter to the Ombudsman who ordered that the family should be compensated.

The family demanded K39 billion, which was reduced to K2.1 billion, but the Attorney General (AG) wants to pay the family K1 billion.

This afternoon, Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda visited the family where he expressed concern over the the suffering the family has gone through for about 40 years.

He added that he would engage the family’s lawyer over the matter.

During the one-party regime under Kamuzu Banda, many Malawians were detained and tortured for merely existing or doing normal activities.

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