Malawi Attorney General in Germany to recover US$543,000

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda is in Germany to recover part of the K750 million which was paid to United Kingdom based Barkaat Foods Limited.

The money, $543,000 (K550 million), was frozen in Germany after being sent to Barkaat Foods Limited.

Nyirenda has told the local media that he is doing the necessary paperwork to have the funds recovered.

Barkaat Foods Limited was paid US$725,000 in two installments and through two accounts in Germany and the United States.

The money was aimed at locking the price on a contract for the supply of about 25,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer meant for the Affordable Inputs Program (AIP).

After receiving the payment, Barkaat Foods Limited told the Ministry of Agriculture that the company has no capacity to supply fertilizer to Malawi.

The Ministry has come under fire over the payment considering it was made to a company with no contract with the ministry and without approvals from the procurement authority.

So far, the alleged fraudulent payment has led to the firing of Lobin Lowe as Minister of Agriculture and Sandram Maweru as Principal Secretary for the Ministry.

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