Man who allegedly hit traffic officers charged with two counts


A 45-year-old man, Clifford Khomba, who is being accused of hitting four traffic police officers in Blantyre, has been charged with two counts of causing grievous harm and damaging property intentionally.

In May this year, Khomba was arrested for allegedly hitting four traffic police officers who were on duty at Bestobell along the Masauko Chipembere Highway in Blantyre after disagreements over a confiscated driving licence.

However, in the same month the High Court in Blantyre ordered an immediate release of the accused on bail after it was alleged that he was assaulted while in police custody and was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Central hospital.

Six months down the line, Khomba on Wednesday November 10th appeared before the Blantyre Magistrate Court for plea taking and the state has charged him with two counts of causing grievous harm and damaging property intentionally.

However, in his plea, the accused denied the two counts, a development which saw Chief Resident Magistrate Akya Mwanyongo adjourning the case to 21 November, 2022 when the state is expected to parade ten witnesses.

Meanwhile, Alexious Kamangila, lawyer representing Khomba said the defendants are ready to continue with the case but they have asked the state to bring forward the criteria which they will use to select the said ten witnesses.

Kamangila further told this publication that his client is looking forward to seeing how police officers who assaulted him while in police custody at Blantyre Police Station, will be dealt with.

“Clifford Khomba is Innocent of the counts he has been charged, and he is looking forward to exonerating himself. As Defence, we will act according to our client’s instructions and we will guide him accordingly within the law to ensure fair trial and that justice is attained.

“More importantly,  Mr Khomba is desirous to see to it that those that tortured him to an unconscious state, are held accountable,” said Kamangila.

Previously, Khomba told Malawi24 that after the incident, some police officers together with other Blantyre city council officers who were passing by, started to assault him before he was taken to Blantyre police station at Wenela where he was also met another fate.

He further complained that at the police station, he was manhandled by almost every police officer who got close to him and one of the officers took away his cell phone and a wallet.

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