Chakwera leaves today for week-long trip to Egypt


President Lazarus Chakwera will this morning leave Malawi for a week-long trip to Egypt where he will attend the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27).

Chakwera is expected to depart through Kamuzu International Airport at 9am today.

According to the Malawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Egypt, Chakwera will reiterate his call for developed countries to honour pledges they made to combat global climate change and support least developed countries which are vulnerable to disasters induced by climate change.

Chakwera will return to Malawi on Friday, November 11, through Kamuzu International Airport.

The president’s trip to Egypt comes  as his administration is failing to end the forex crisis which has led to shortage of fuel and as the country is in the middle of the fertilizer procurement scandal in which K750 million meant for fertilizer has been lost.

Malawians on social media have since faulted the president for going ahead with the trip amidst the economic challenges.

Commenting on Malawi Government Facebook page, one person said: “An ill-timed foreign trip that has drawn most of the forex that’s why there’s acute fuel shortages this week probably the worst fuel crisis, the advisors have goofed on this one, delegation to the Minister of Natural Resources was the best, an administration that doesn’t listen to the concerns of its citizens.”

Another said: “This [trip] is not necessary for a President whose country is in crisis.”

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