Malawi to spend K422 million on renovation of Chief Justice’s house

Chief Justice Mzikamanda

The Malawi Judiciary will spend K422, 557,735.99 to renovate the Chief Justice’s official residence at Nyambadwe in Blantyre.

The Judiciary has today issued in a newspaper a notice of its intention to award a contract for the renovation works.

According to the notice, the contract, Jud/2022/01, is being awarded to CPL Construction as all tender processes have been completed and approvals have been obtained.

The Judiciary has asked those with queries to contact the Judiciary procurement committee within 14 days from October 24, 2022.

Malawians on social media have since questioned the cost of the rehabilitation works.

Many have pointed out that the money being spent on the rehabilitation could be enought to build a school or several houses or health facilities.

“I don’t know much about engineering and construction, I would love to see engineers weighing in with their opinions. But what I know is that K400m can build three health facilities/health posts elsewhere, which means some nurses can get jobs, communities there can have their lives saved and health improved and someone can find business of supplying medical equipment and medicines,” commented one person on a post by social commentator Onjezani Kenani..

Another said: “This is day robbery. Rehabilitation at almost half a billion while people are having no medicines in the hospitals. Ambulances in the hospitals are given 2million kwacha fuel for whole month for the whole district. This is a joke of higher order. Just a house for 1 individual. Are they going to build a new house? The amount can manage to build several class rooms blocks in the rural areas where our kids are learning under the trees.”

Others suspected that fraud or bribes have led to inflation of figures.

One commenter said: “What’s the value of the House? Am a Realtor. This sounds Dubious and it’s for the Whole Chief justice!!!”

“Even if they showed the scope but spending k422 million is too much. What type of maintenance could this be. Let’s be reasonable as a country with the limited resources we have,” another person said.

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