Exploits University come under fire


Exploits University has come under fire after revoking a former student’s degree because of a video in which she burned her degree obtained from the university.

The woman has been identified Bridget Thapiwe Soko. She recently posted a video on social media showing her burning her degree because she has failed to find a job four years after graduating.

“You reach a point of getting tired,” Soko says in the video.  “Whenever I see this degree, it gives me fake promises that I will get a job.”

In reaction, Exploits through its Chancellor Desmond Bikoko has revoked Soko’s degree saying the woman’s actions were aimed at tarnishing the image of the university.

“The University is therefore revoking the degree of business administration awarded to you. Our decision will also be made public through two major newspapers.

“Consequently you are no longer a graduate of Exploits University as such your degree certificate is invalidated with immediate effect,” reads part of the letter which has been copied to among others, “Dean of Commence”.

On social media, Malawians  have condemned the university for its action against its former student.

Writing on Facebook, Kondwanie Chirembo said the university’s reaction brings the institution into disrepute.

“This was an opportunity for the university to show the country (and the world) that it’s not as useless as it claims the girl made it feel. Revoking an awarded degree is a serious matter that cannot be driven by emotions. This has been a big fail by the university IF that letter is genuine,” Chirembo wrote.

The university has also been faulted for punishing the woman without hearing her side.

“It seems a revocation is a unilateral decision. There was no hearing. There was no investigation. There was no structure to the decision,” one person said.

Many have argued that the university should refund Soko the fees she used to study for her degree.

“Similarly the school authorities should payback her school FEES following their withdrawal of the Degree from her,” said one person on social media.

Others said that Soko’s actions may be an indication that she is frustrated and stressed hence she needs counselling and not punishment.

Exploits University is a private university in Malawi which was registered in 2008 and opened its doors in 2010. The university has campuses in Lilongwe and Blantyre.


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