Chakwera booed in Mangochi


President Lazarus Chakwera was booed yesterday in Mangochi where he went to attend a cultural event.

Chakwera was in Mangochi yesterday to attend the annual Chiwanja Cha a Yao Cultural Festival after being invited by Paramount Chief Kawinga.

However, a video has emerged of a crowd in the district marching and booing the president.

Chakwera and Chilima in Mangochi

“A Chakwera kuno si kwawo (This is not Mr Chakwera’s home),” the crowd sang.

On social media, some people believe the president was booed because of the country’s economic situation as people are suffering under the weight of rising prices of goods.

“People loved him, voted him in power and then hu turns his back on them, he is not delivering on his promises, prices are rocketing every day even on small things that majority of the people needs are out of reach. These people are frustrated, disappointed, by his leadership,” Twitter user @Wachiyaopure said.

However, some social media users suspect that the people were mobilized to march against the president and chant songs deemed to be tribalistic.

“Whoever sponsored this should be ashamed. He is not a patriotic citizen and this can lead to chaos if not well tamed. Imagine if people in the central and northern regions would choose to chase those who don’t belong to their regions, what would be the consequences? This is bad,” one person wrote on Facebook.

Chakwera was elected as president in 2020 and has so far failed to deliver on most promises he made such as ending corruption, improving the economy and creating of one million jobs.


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