Nigerian artist blasts Malawi’s Maso Awards


A Nigerian Afro pop artist has fired shots at Maso Awards, two weeks after the list of nominees for the awards was released.

In an interview, the Malawi-based Nigerian artist real name Ojonimi Abraham said he was surprised that the awards omitted his work despite the song enjoying massive airplays in the year.

“I was very surprised that the Maso Awards didn’t recognize my song despite all the airplays it got and despite that it trended on all social media platforms.”

“I tried to understands their nomination process of which I have felt needs a lot to be desired maybe next time they should try also collecting statistics from online and media stations also before they release the names, solely depending on social media is making the nominations not balanced,” claims Nimix.

One of the organizers for Maso Awards who opted for anonymity said Nimix’s claims are not making sense because Maso Awards are for the people and general public hence the system of public voting through social media.


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